The late Haji Sheikh A Razzak came to the UK during the early sixties and settled in Kentish Town, North London, followed later by his family of six sons and two daughters.

Haji Sheikh A Razzak successfully provided all his family members with a traditional religious and secondary education before coming to the UK. Apart from the two youngest sons, they all started work in the fast developing Indian restaurant business, whereas the two youngest sons studied and to their credit achieved two remarkable degrees, one a Masters Degree in electronics engineering and the other in Accountancy.

After twelve years of working in various Restaurants the four eldest sons formed a family business partnership and opened their first restaurant in Shoeburyness, Essex. They called it The Polash, being the name of a beautiful flower in Bangladesh. Since then The Polash has become established as a premier restaurant in Essex. In 1983 the brothers agreed to expand the business and opened a second restaurant in Burnham-on-Crouch also known as The Polash. This followed the family tradition of offering the finest Bangledeshi and indian cuisine in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The Polash is featured by the well known Patak Curry Guide as one of the top thirty Banladeshi and Indian restaurants in the UK. The Polash has also been listed in The Good Food Guide and has appeared in local, national and international newspapers as well as national television.

Sadly Haji Sheikh A Razzak passed away in 1985, leaving his large and extended family with the best possible start of a good education and sound business knowledge. Since that time, the family of Kaji Sheikh A Razzak have come a very long way in achieving their goals. Three of his grandsons obtained Degrees in Business Management, Accountancy and Mathematics. Several other grandsons and granddaughters are at present studying at University and College with one grandson, being the only Bangladeshi to achieve a place to play for Essex County Cricket Club.

The Sheikh family have also used their success to establish a Charitable Trust called The Polash Sheba Trust. The objectives of the trust is to help poorer people back in their native country of bangladesh as well as in the UK. The Trust provides food, shelter, education, social welfare, transport etc. for those in need.

From humble beginnings in North London, to the unlikely setting of West Road, Shoeburyness, the family are proud to have achieved many ambitions made possible by the legacy of guidance, education and wisdom of the late Haji Sheikh A Razzak.
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